About Higeen

About Us

Higeen is a successful company that takes care of your family`s health, since 1971, thanks to the large variety of products with innovative care and fighting germs, bacteria and viruses. Our products have been successful internationally, so now they are distributed in over 40 countries around the world, including Romania too. Because we believe in the power of plants and nature, we offer 5 types of products made from natural extracts, according to the highest quality standards. So, we offer:

  • 1.Personal care products (hand sanitizer gel with vitamins, antiseptic hands gel and body wash gel, intimate gel with antibacterial effect)
  • 2.Baby care products (hand sanitizer gel for adults and children)
  • 3.Oral care products (mouthwash, toothpaste gel/paste, paste for sensitive teeth, whitening toothpaste, oral-pharyngdel infection solution)
  • 4.Foot Care Products (deodorizers foot powder, cream antifungal)
  • 5.Cosmetics (restorative ointment, anti-inflammatory and soothing for dry and cracked skin, burns and other injuries, articulation and muscle pain cream, gel for articulation and muscle pain)

For those who don`t know the term “cosmeceutic”, we wish to inform you that this name is recent and comes from the merging of the terms “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”. In other words, Higeen offers a variety of cosmetics with medical benefits, thanks to biologically active ingredients in their composition.


Also, you should know that our products are based on herbal extracts and natural oils, which have delicate care of your health without advers effects. In addition, we welcome you with personal care products with antimicrobial, antifungal and against viruses actions, specially designed for children, and for adults too. Improved with vitamins and glycerin formula, will leave skin smooth and delicate. Products are available in several versions, with fruits and flowers flavors, for a cleaning and care pampering. Therefore, we are inviting you to discover Higeen Products!